Campervan Challenge

‘Live Life to the Full’ Campervan Challenge

Spurred on by last years Gold Post Box challenge, where we travelled the country in an attempt to raise awareness of Brain Aneurysm and Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, this year, we’re off again and we would like you to follow our journey and adventures to help raise awareness of this life threatening condition!

It would also mean SO MUCH to us if you could help us raise funds for Southampton Neurological Hospital into important research into this horrible silent killer.  Please donate!

20495439_10155740978024739_1630543336_o.jpg If you followed our Gold Post Box Challenge, you will know that we met in March 2016 after being brought together, following tragic circumstances, since them we have become inseparable and the best of friends!

Lisa’s mum suddenly died of a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in June 2012 and Michelle was later suddenly struck down with the same condition in January 2016, but thankfully lived to tell the tale.

Having faced such life-changing circumstances has given us both true value of the meaning of life.  Life is not about the possessions and materials things, it is the simple and honest things in life which bring most happiness.  Family, friendship, companionship and enjoying all of the beautiful things that life has to offer…

…Simple things like sitting on a beach and watching the sunset, marvelling at a beautiful landscape and immersing yourself in the feeling of freedom as you hear and feel the elements of  wind and rain, as  you walk high up on a cliff top.

So, we both decided we need MORE of this in our lives, to celebrate simply being ALIVE (something many of us take for granted).  To achieve this, we have bought a campervan and have set ourselves the challenge to see us much of this beautiful little island as we can over the next 12 months!


Please join us on our journey and our adventures to see how much of this ‘Scratch out map” we can reach over the next 12 months!

Please follow and share our journey and don’t forget to donate to Southampton Neurological Hospital, which is the hospital that did so much to save Lisa’s Mum and who saved Michelle’s life.

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