Brain Aneurysm – Gold Post Box Challenge, Westminster, London

Michelle and Lisa have visited London to the Gold Post Box in Westminster in their Gold Post Box Challenge, as part of their mission to raise Brain Aneurysm Awareness.

A great day in Westminster. Thank you all for your support.

  • 60% fatality rate
  • 3 in 5 people that suffer a SAH die within 2 weeks
  • 1/2 of those that survive are left with severe brain damage and disability
  • and the remaining are left with ‘invisible brain injury’ and that affect them for the rest of their life relating to problems with certain mental functions, such as memory, planning and concentration, headaches, insomnia and extreme near-fatigue.

A new report published by the Neurological Alliance has found that GPs in England lack confidence in the primary care pathway for people with neurological conditions.

  • 85% of GPS in England are either ‘somewhat concerned’ or ‘extremely concerned’ about the time taken from referral for patients to see a consultant neurologist
  • 59% of GPs believe that the local services and systems in place in their area mean that people with neurological conditions frequently do not receive a timely diagnosis.
  • The large majority of GPs in England (84%) feel that they could benefit from further training on identifying and managing people presenting with neurological conditions.
  • Fewer than half of GPs (47%) felt confident in their ability to make an initial assessment and referral for people presenting with signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Arlene Wilkie, CEO of the Neurological Alliance, said: “It is essential that NHS England and the Department of Health respond to these findings and engage with the concerns of GPs and people living with neurological conditions. Without an effective pathway through primary care, patients will continue to suffer the consequences of undue delays to referral, diagnosis and treatment, and outcomes will continue to suffer.”



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