Brain Aneurysm – Gold Post Box Challenge #9 Lymington, Hampshire

Today Michelle and Lisa visited the 9th Gold Post Box in their Gold Post Box Challenge, as part of their mission to raise Brain Aneurysm Awareness. This was the post box of Ben Ainslie, in Lymington, Hampshire.

From here they sent a Postcard to Arlene Wilkie, CEO of The Neurological Alliance, asking for her help and support in introducing a Brain Aneurysm Awareness Day.


Lisa, pictured above, whose mum died of a ruptured Brain Aneurysm in June 2012 says that more awareness of this condition needs to be raised so that more lives can be saved.

Michelle, also suffered a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in January 2016 and with NHS statistics showing a fatality rate of 60%, Michelle agrees that more awareness needs to be raised about the condition, so that  recognise the sudden onset symptoms.

The Soulsisters duo plan to visit every Gold Post Box in England before 25th August 2016, from where they will be sending postcards to important public figures asking for their help in introducing a Brain Aneurysm Awareness Day.

12961605_10154224931064739_3600632217004283295_nMichelle said that she will never take for granted how lucky she has been to survive this health scare and wanted to take on the challenge in memory of Lisa’s Mum and others that have lost loved ones to this devastating condition.

Michelle and Lisa’s next Gold Post Box visit will be in Portland, Dorset, but not before a little sight seeing around Lymington and refuelling with a Cream Tea!


To support Michelle and Lisa, please sign the petition to help introduce a National Brain Aneurysm Awareness Day and help us to raise funds for important research into Brain Aneurysms and Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, being carried out Southampton University Hospital.
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