Brain Aneurysm – Gold Post Box Challenge – #1 Penzance, Cornwall

Today Soulsisters, Michelle and Lisa visited their first Gold Post Box, as part of their Gold Post Box Challenge in support of Brain Aneurysm Awareness.  This was the Post Box of Olympian Rower, Helen Glover in Penzance.

From here they posted their first postcard to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, asking him to introduce a Brain Aneurysm Awareness Day.


Lisa and Michelle have both personally been affected by the terror and devastation that ruptured Brain Aneurysms can cause and are not alone.  More awareness needs to be raised to help people recognise the sudden onset symptoms, so that more lives can be saved.

Lisa’s mum was suddenly struck down with an intensely painful headache in June 2012, but was misdiagnosed with a migraine and sadly was not scanned in time to discover a bleed on the brain.  

By the time she was eventually scanned 4 days later, it was too late, she suffered another bleed in the ambulance on the way to Southampton Neurological Hospital and went straight into a coma.  Sadly she never recovered and died 4 weeks later.


Michelle also suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage in Janurary 2016, caused by a ruptured Brain Aneurysm, but thankfully was scanned and diagnosed quickly enough to receive the life saving treatment that is necessary.

Lisa and Michelle became friends after Lisa read a story about Michelle’s survival in their local newspaper and the pair became determined to raise more awareness about the condition and it’s sudden onset symptoms so that hopefully more lives can be saved.

The two women will be embarking upon a Country wide tour of all of the Olympian Gold Post Boxes in England during the summer of 2016, from where they will be sending postcards to important public figures asking for their help in introducing a Brain Aneurysm Awareness Day. 

Whilst visiting the Gold Post Box in Penzance Cornwall the Soulsisters took a day out to visit some of the beautiful local landmarks and enjoyed a coastal walk around breathtaking Cape Cornwall and a enjoyed an outstanding performance of South Pacific at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall’s world famous open air theatre.

Michelle said: “Cornwall is very close to my heart as I spent many happy childhood years here visiting my Grandparents.  Cape Cornwall and the Minack Theatre are among my two favourite places in the world, so I was keen to share my love of Cornwall with Lisa.”


Lisa said “It’s been so wonderful to form such a close friendship with Michelle out of such sad circumstances and I’m so pleased that we are working to raise more awareness of Brain Aneurysms and Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in memory of my Mum and others that have lost loved one’s to this devastating neurologicl condition.”

Lisa continues: “I had never been to this part of Cornwall and it has been amazing to combine such a worthy cause, with seeing some of the most breath-taking scenery that Cornwall and the world has to offer. I have been privileged to have been introduced to some of Michelle’s favourite childhood haunts, which has been an absolute pleasure.”

Please help Michelle and Lisa to introduce a Brain Aneurysm Awareness Day by following their Gold Post Box Campaign and signing their  Petition.

Please also visit our Just Giving Page to make a donation to raise funds for critical research into this devastating silent killer.


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